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Adrian Vedady


Born September 9, 1973 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Double-bassist/composer Adrian Vedady has been playing with some of Montrealís finest jazz musicians for the last 11 years. His career started shortly after commencing his jazz studies at Concordia University. Accompanying his professors, such as, Dave Turner, Charles Ellison, Andrew Homzy, Roddy Ellias and Jeri Brown on gigs and concerts he started to get a sense of his voice and was inspired to continue developing as a player.

In 1999, Vedady met pianist Jean Beaudet, and shortly after joined his trio with Michel Lambert on drums. Tours of Canada, Europe, and concerts in New Orleans, New York and Toronto were coupled with many hours rehearsing with Jean and Michel, in search of Jeanís vision of his piano trio. An insightful time.

In 2002, Adrian co-led a group called gods of taste, with Richard White, Kate Wyatt, Andrew Shinasi and Greg Ritchie. 2 canadian tours, many gigs in small clubs in and around Montreal, some Festival concerts and a self-titled album made for some inspiring years. A real desire to create and compose was fostered with this group.

In 2003, he started playing trio with saxophonist, Yannick Rieu. Many gigs in small clubs in Montreal, all over Quebec,Toronto, a couple of recordings, Jazz Festival concerts and a tour of China have been the highlights. Recently, a new quartet has formed with Francois Bourassa on piano and Philippe Melanson on drums.

In 2007, he started playing with Francois Bourassa, backing up vocalist Jeanne Rochette. That eventually led to tours of China, Europe and India with the Francois Bourassa trio, quartet and trio with Jeanne Rochette.

In 2009, Vedady will release his debut album as a leader, In Three Acts. Itís a culmination of his work as a musician to date. The album showcases his compositions and the musical collaboration of Yannick Rieu, Erik Hove, Richard White, Kate Wyatt, John Fraboni, Robbie Kuster and Philippe Melanson.

Adrian also plays in the groups of Frank Lozano, Malcolm Sailor, Adam Miller and Daniel Thouin. He is a vital part of the creative Montreal music scene and has accompanied such artists as Steve Amirault, Sara Latendresse, Marianne Trudel, Thom Gossage, Greg Amirault, Andre Leroux, Chet Doxas, Jim Doxas, Joel Miller, Christine Jensen, Greg Clayton, Michel Donato, Jon Geary, Remi Bolduc, Thuryn Von Pranke, Carl Naud, Jeff Johnston, Paul Schroefel, Wray Downes, Annabelle Chvostek, Steve Raegele, Muhammad Abdul Al-Khabyyr, Steve Johnston, Chris McCann, Andres Vial, Kevin Dean, Gabriel Lambert, Martine Carriere, Guy Boisvert, Miles Perkin, Zack Lober, Tony Albino, Pierre Tanguay, Boogie Gaudet, Stefan Montanero, Andre White among others.

Up Coming Concerts

Chateau Frontenac, Quebec
Autumn 2011 Weekends

Quebec Jazz Festival at the Chateau Frontenac
October 23, 2011