Dawson College

For immediate release
Montreal, September 8, 2011

Singer-songwriter, pianist and music teacher at Dawson College, Montreal, Jacinta Luis, will sing her composition “Ode to at Dawson College’ with her students at the inauguration ceremony of Dawson College’s Ecological Peace Garden on September 13, 2011.

"I was at the College during the drama. It was a truly shocking, traumatic, surreal experience. The College that I’ve been teaching at since 1983 has always been a peaceful place with a strong sense of community. I've always enjoyed my teaching experience and find it joyful and fun being around my students communicating musical ideas and teaching them how to sing and learn about the various aspects of music. However, I felt like the shooting created a dark cloud for a while over our Dawson community."

The ceremony marking the 5th anniversary of the Dawson shooting, which occurred in 2006, will be attended by members of the Dawson community, dignitaries, families and students, peace ambassadors from UNESCO and the United Nations, Aboriginal leaders and members of the media. The Ecological Peace Garden is intended as a living memorial dedicated to the memory of Anastasia de Sousa, but also as a vibrant testimony to the courage and resilience shown by all those who suffered and still suffer because of this tragedy.

The ceremony will begin at 11:30 a.m., on the west lawn of the downtown campus. The interpretation of the song composed by Jacinta Luis will mark the end of the ceremony and will precede the scheduled moment of silence at 12:41 p.m., at which time the attack began on September 13, 2006.

Ode to Dawson College
By: Jacinta Luis

“Anastasia we’re remembering
Friends & Family everywhere
We’ve come together we’re uniting
Courage, strength & peace we share”

Dedicated to the Commemorations
at Dawson College
September 13, 2011

Ode to Dawson College

Words & Music by Jacinta Luis
August 15, 2011©

We have found a peace through singing
A community we chose to share
At Dawson we have found a healing
And a Peace garden grown with care

Anastasia we’re remembering
Friends & Family everywhere
We’ve come together we’re uniting
Courage, strength & peace we share

Sing for healing
Sing for peace we dare
Sing we’re sharing
Sing for peace everywhere

Nous avons trouvé la paix par le chant
Notre communauté, nous l'avons soignée
A Dawson nous avons effacé le sang
Pour y cultiver un jardin de Paix.

Anastasia , nous nous souvenons,
Pour toi, nos famille et nos amis
En chemin, nous rassemblons
Courage, force et paix pour la Vie.

Chantons pour la guérison
Chantons pour la paix tant voulue
Chantons ce que nous partageons
Chantons une paix obtenue