From Stage to Studio

In addition to being a composer and performer, Jacinta is also a recording artist with four albums to her credit. She is currently composing new songs and looks forward to recording her fifth album in the near future. Her albums Discovery,Shine, Goa and Resurgence can be purchased by contacting Jacinta Luis at jacintaluis@jacintaluis.com.

"Resurgence" Fourth CD

This is a Jazz World Fusion album that reflects Jacinta’s return to her musical roots & resurging creative spirit. Latin rhythms play a major role in Resurgence. Jacinta has a delicate sensual voice that wraps itself around the rich melodies. The interplay between the saxophone, guitar & piano creates a rich tapestry of colors, while the subtlety & complexity of the drums fuse into a delightful interweaving counterpoint with the solid bass lines.

"Goa" Third CD

Jacinta Luis composed the catchy upbeat song “GOA” in celebration of World Goa Day 2010. Jacinta has dedicated the song “GOA” to the children of Goa who do not have the privilege of sharing in the joys of music education. All the profits from the sales of the song “GOA” will be donated by Jacinta to help children in need that would like to learn music in Goa
Jacinta recorded the Music Video of her song “GOA” along with four top Canadian musicians. The instrumentation includes piano, vocals, guitar, saxophone, bass & drums, in Montreal, Canada. Jacinta’s song has a Latin Jazz flavor that evokes the spirit, culture, hospitality, & beautiful landscape of Goa. The lyrics of “GOA” are written primarily in English; however, Luis introduced Konkani lyrics in the chorus of the song. Her intent was to share words of greeting in Konkani to the general public.

"Shine" Second CD

Jacinta’s ,recorded Shine in 1998 is an evolution from the soloistic CD DISCOVERY to a recording with a full band, piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and vocals. Shine is a recording of Jacinta’s original compositions; her songs are infused with Funk, Latin and Jazz rhythms.

"Discovery" first CD

Jacinta 's first CD, DISCOVERY is the culmination of four years work at composing and arranging music. Jacinta has experienced the joy of musical energy and the constant need to reach out to creative positive energy…no matter from what level of pain it comes to her. Her compositions reflect her discovery of love and deep friendship. Her original songs on this CD are influenced by Jazz and Latin rhythms which she has always loved.

Sample Works