Jacinta Presents her Song


I recently went on a fascinating journey to reconnect with my roots in Goa. I had also recently recorded a CD of my original composition “GOA” which is a fund raising project dedicated towards helping underprivileged children in Goa to have the opportunity to learn music. And, after being invited to perform for the Tanzanite Dance 2010, I read an article in their Newsletter about Fr. Jose Sequeira’s educational work in Goa through the Konkan Development Society (KDS).

I made a trip to meet Fr. Jose at Oxdel, at the Don Bosco Mission just outside of Panjim and I was very impressed by his commitment and drive to provide needy children with basic education. Fr. Jose and his team work tirelessly to help the street children in the region. The children are picked up and schooled on several mobile buses that have been transformed into classrooms. At Oxdel, a school has been created to provide children with a basic education before they can be integrated into regular schools. There is also home for street children in Bastora; Music classes have been started for the children due to proceeds of my CD “GOA” which was recorded as fundraising project.

This was one more of my many encounters that I had in Goa with Goans who truly care about helping others around them and who are dedicating their lives to making a change. I feel deeply privileged to be able to work with Fr. Jose Sequeira and his team towards making a difference in children’s lives. I will continue to help Fr. Jose in his work through my CD “GOA” as well as through collaborating with him through many other projects as well.

I count on the generous Goan spirit that I witnessed everywhere I went in Goa to support me in my work to help the Konkan Development Society. If you wish to lend your support, you may make a donation towards the CD “GOA” by visiting my website:

Thanks very much,
Jacinta Luis

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Jacinta Luis: Goa
Jacinta Luis' ancestry is from Goa, India. She composed the catchy upbeat song “GOA” in celebration of World Goa Day 2010. Jacinta has dedicated the song “GOA” to the children of Goa who do not have the privilege of sharing in the joys of music education. All the profits from the sales of the song “GOA” will be donated by Jacinta to help children in need that would like to learn music in Goa.Jacinta recorded the Music Video of her song “GOA” along with four top Canadian musicians. The instrumentation includes piano, vocals, guitar, saxophone, bass & drums, in Montreal, Canada. Jacinta’s song has a Latin Jazz flavor that evokes the spirit, culture, hospitality, & beautiful landscape of Goa. The lyrics of “GOA” are written primarily in English; however, Luis introduced Konkani lyrics in the chorus of the song. Her intent was to share words of greeting in Konkani to the general public.


I, Fr. Jose Sequeira, Director of the Konkan Development Society, (Don Bosco Mission) in Goa am pleased to announce that Ms. Jacinta Luis of Goan origin and based in Canada offers to support the underprivileged children run by Don Bosco Mobile School at Odxel and Street children’s home at Bastora with great opportunities to learn music in Goa.

This is an effort of Jacinta together with the Konkan Development Society (Don Bosco Mission) to provide professional music training to these children, the main aim being to offer them job opportunities in the field of music.

Jacinta is donating all the profits of the sales of the song “GOA” from the CD, as well as the digital download, which is available on the Internet.

I want to thank all of you who help Jacinta to support our work at the Don Bosco Mission.

Fr. Jose Sequeira