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Jacinta on Performing

It is always a thrill when I am performing to sit down at the piano and scan the crowd and realize we are playing to a full house! With the introduction of our new show 'Jazz Univers' in the spectacular ballroom of the Chateau Frontenac for the Quebec City Jazz Festival just a few weeks ago, that realization was like some sort of elixar. I felt a rush of adrenalin but a calming of any nerves I may have been feeling, considering this was the very first time performing this show. My drummer Claude winked at me and smiled...he felt it to. One more deep breath and that was it. We were into it. And very soon, so was our audience.

It felt magical performing "Jazz Univers" in Quebec City. With a variety of different instruments producing wonderful sounds of places far away and a unity with the persons playing them, no doubt about it, we were in sync with each other and with our audience...and that's what performing is about...connecting with the people there to see you.


Booking Engagements

Having introduced this new musical jazz fusion performance at the recent Quebec City Jazz Festival, Jacinta and her accompanying musicians are excited to perform 'Jazz Univers' to Montreal and Toronto. Booking arrangements may be customized to include Jacinta and Musicians as duo, trio, quartet or quintet. This performance is well suited to a large or a small venue. See the 'Jazz Univers' page for more information regarding the show, the musicians and their instruments.

Jacinta is now accepting bookings for 2012 'Jazz Univers'or for regular performances. Inquire now from out contact page.

Experience Quebec City !

This is the perfect time to take in the beauty, the ambience of a spectacular city, and the fabulous dining experiences at hand. Staying in the heart of old town Quebec ensures a connection to all the downtown amenities. Montreal based, Jacinta Luis returns to the Chateau Frontenac every weekend in November for their promotion, Christmas in November! Be part of it by being there!

Montreal's Upstairs Jazz Bar

Always great to perform downstairs at Upstairs!!
November 15, 8:30 pm

Diner Reservations Recommandé
Dinner Reservations Recommended
Upstairs Jazz Bar: (514) 931-6808
1254 Mackay Street

At Dawson

I was deeply touched to be able to perform my song with my students that I composed for the five-year commemoration ceremony held at the Dawson College Peace Garden on September 13 and on September 29, 2011, to perform with my students for the Dawson College/ACCC Conference on Youth & Violence, The Role of Education Conference, (Inspiring Solutions).

It has been an exhilarating process working with my students at Dawson College towards a fundraising Student Vocal Concert on November 22, 2011, 7:30 pm at the Dawson Theatre, 2000 Atwater St. Montreal.

All proceeds will be donated to helping children learn music at the Orphanage in Bastora, Goa, India run by the Konkan Development Society.

Chateau Frontenac


Jacinta Luis
October 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16
November 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

Upstairs Jazz Bar

Jacinta Luis

  November 15, 2011
8:30 pm

Past Engagements

Chateau Frontenac
~October 23, 2011

UPSTAIRS Bar Jazz, Montreal
-July 6 2011,

At the Tuesday's JAZZ Restaurant,
"The Rendez Vous du The", Montreal

-June 7th, 2011

Chateau Frontenac, Quebec.

-April 2 to May 22, 2011

UPSTAIRS Jazz Bar, Montreal
-February 24, 2011

Past Engagements

Charcoal & Cheese, Goa (India)
-December 26, 2010

Poco Loco, Goa (India)
-December 25, 2010

Goa Chitra, Goa (India)
-December 18, 2010

A la salle de Concert Oscar Peterson
-October 30, 2010

CD Launch Au Bar Jazz UPSTAIRS
-October 06, 2010

-July 7 & 8, 2010

Al Green Theatre Concert Hall, Toronto
-May 8, 2010

La Butte St Jacques
-November 13 & 14, 2009

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